plain sight press: imprints upon you

plain sight press

Mystery. Fantasy. Novel or Short Story. Contemporary or Historical. British or American. Stories set against the backgrounds of London, Liverpool, and Hamburg. New York or San Francisco. It all deserves to be brought into plain sight.

To Light The Way
From Boyhood-to-Manhood

Tales Like Those Once

Told Around The Fire

Written For Today

Fire-Circle-Tales are newly-created to echo Ancient Oral Traditions and cast especial light upon the ever-crucial transition From Boyhood to Manhood—the destiny of boys the world over—whatever their race, creed, or culture—since time immemorial. 

Ad Lumen Ad Viam


Whether it's a curated collection of contemporary Design Classics—celebrated in style in core photos and short pithy poetics—or a basket of Enduring Wisdoms gifted to us by a gifted feline—now brought to light for everyone to enjoy in word and illustration—it all deserves to be brought into plain sight by TBCB.CO.

Board / Picture / Chapter Books For Children

PALM TREE MINE—an ever expanding cornucopia of delights from illustrator Russell Coulson and author/illustrator Tony Broadbent designed to tickle children of all ages—be they aged three or six or eight or thirty or sixty or eighty. If it brings a smile to the face or a new delight to the mind, the boys will continue to work the mine.