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wurm is the frustrated observer…beset by the absurdities of life…who knows what’s really lurking beneath the skin of that bright shiny applewhat’s really inside that bright shiny tin can…of wurms! 
   wurm is the little voice inside each one of us…the private ‘us’ that no one else hears…that comments on the follies and foibles of the world.
   Everything in wurmswurld is worthy of comment: people, places, animals, plants, fads, fancies…most especially the weather.
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The Search for Truth is eternal…never-ending…all consuming…and sometimes…quite frankly…enough of an almighty bore to put One to sleep. What is Gielgud to do? 


One must keep on…searching. As there's simply no other Way for One to find Oneself. One knows that One must keep One's eyes open. One's ear to the ground. One's nose to the grindstone. One's shoulder to the wheel. So One does.


But when One tries to remember to do all that…it's so very, very hard for One to see anything at all…even the rather large nose that's clearly in front of One's face.


One could take up Yoga…people do. But if One is Gielgud and 'Knowledge' and 'Wisdom' are supposedly to be found everywhere…all around One…One must surely not adopt only One position, but remain open to All And Everything. 


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Gielgud - Hungry For Wisdom