ABOUT plain sight press


Creativity has always been at the core of intellectual property. And never more so than today as a new publishing paradigm seeks to establish itself across multiple platforms and screens—where more and more it’s the consumers themselves who are the gatekeepers and anointers of success.


A similar shift is occurring among content creators and across multiple creative disciplines—where the control of intellectual property is now the single, most preferred currency of success. 


Which is why the single aim of any publishing house or press—new or old—should be to ensure that all creative work that deserves to be seen—gets to be seen—and is given the chance to get into the hands, hearts, and minds of those readers and consumers of media who would most enjoy it.


The mission of plain sight press is to present the multiple platform creative work of author / illustrator Tony Broadbent and illustrator / fine artist Russell Coulson—and, in time, the works of other talented authors and illustrators, also—to as wide an audience as possible. 


Whatever the story form—mystery or fantasy, stories written for boys or girls, teenagers or young adults, or children's book designed for the very young or the very young at heart—and whatever the artistic medium—pen, pencil, pastel, or paint on paper or canvas—or pixels on cell, tablet, and computer screen—I believe all these many and varied works of creative imagination deserve to be brought into plain sight for all to see and enjoy.


I hope you enjoy these examples of creative work by these two very talented individuals as much as I've enjoyed introducing them to you. 


Thank you very much for your interest in plain sight press.


Christine Broadbent—partner & publisher & provocateur