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A Rockin' Novel about the early days of The Beatles

Bill Harry – Founder & editor of Mersey Beat | Liverpool Art College friend of John Lennon

and Stu Sutcliffe | Best-selling author and world-renowned authority on The Beatles 

“Loved it! Loved the writing. Loved the subject matter. Loved the story.

    Anyone who grew up loving rock n’ roll and the Beatles will love The One After 9:09.

    Tony Broadbent skillfully captures a phenomena and the heartbeat of an entire generation.

    The One After 9:09 rocked.

I rolled. And I dug it!”

"An engrossing mystery that captures the spirit of Merseyside and follows the beat in its writing and great story telling.

    A 'who done it' with a musical twist that will keep you guessing till the last page.

    If you like the Beatles…you'll love it ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah!' "

"One of the most thoroughly enjoyable books I’ve read on the music business. Or England. Or youth. I thought I knew a lot about the Beatles and the Mersey scene. Guess again. The incredibly rich and fascinating detail in this book give it a fly-on-the-wall similitude that made me feel like I was watching a documentary, like Pennebaker’s masterful film on Dylan, Don’t Look Back. Pitch-perfect. 

Robert Dugoni – #1 Amazon and

New York Times Bestselling Author 

Peter RobinsonBook Talk | KALW N.P.R. | San Francisco 

David Corbett – Award winning author & Edgar Nominee

"A perfect blend of fact and fiction, a recreation of the Mersey scene as it happened, with the real people who made it happen, all placed in an exciting and enthralling mystery, an unmissable page-turner. Could well be true if my belief in an alternate reality was ever proved in quantum theory!"